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Today I went through my closet and removed pants that no longer fit.  All  size 12.  I am now wearing size 8 in most lines.  Today was a good day.
What to do with the size 12 pants.  I made the power move to send to charity instead of holding on to them.  I decided that the old size no longer works and will not be a part of my future.
I am still observing the benefits of the quiet diet beyond weight loss.  I feel an internal shift, almost a power that is harnessed by this personal -private -quiet journey. The shift feels permanent.  The internal conversation is changing.  My habits are changing.  I am not considering or thinking about foods that are not healthy.  I am content with my choices. This is all very good news.  Maybe it is the slow permanent pace of the process that is different.  In the past loosing 7 pounds in 4 months would have been considered a failure.  Now it is to be celebrated.  I guess the reason is that I am still going down the road. I am still pointed in the right direction.  I am in control of my choices and my direction.
From my journal entry this week:
The internal power that comes from making supportive choices is profound.  The process of choosing well gets easier each time you do it. The internal shift and strength builds. Choosing well becomes less difficult.  The added benefit begins to build confidence and self-esteem.  Not just in the food area. In all areas of my life.
Today was a good day.
Happy Weekend!
The quiet girl

Do I really have time to shop daily or every other day?  Yes and no!  Of course we do not have time to shop daily but do we have time to shop daily /every other day  for fresh meats/fish/vegetables/fruit/herbs. Possibly.

When we shop less often we tend to by more than we need,  food goes stale or spoils,we need to think about food that needs to be defrosted for preparation(which means thinking ahead), tend to make more than the portions needed for one meal which leads to over eating.

When we shop more often we eliminate waste,  buy fresh , more conscience of what we are consuming, opportunity for variety, buy what we need.

Try it!  Keep in mind that the daily trips to the store are not for the staples.  The goal is to get in and out with fresh foods that you need for that day or the next few days.  Imagine you are living in Europe in a small village.  They shop differently than Americans.

Clean eating,  foods without labels, fresh,local

How do I make good snack choices when the pantry is filled with potato chips, Fritos, Doritos etc!!! Stock your pantry with the following: Making good snack choices can be  easy!


Deli sliced chicken or turkey

part skim mozzarella string cheese sticks

grated part skim mozzarella cheese

corn tortillas

whole wheat tortillas

Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas

almond butter

Brown Rice Cakes

raw almonds,  raw sunflower seeds, etc


pizza sauce

fresh fruit and vegetables

non fat yogurt or greek yogurt


1.Turkey roll ups.  Roll up deli turkey or chicken with either a small slice of mozzarella.  Add mustard or horseradish sauce for a little flavor.  You will never miss the sandwich or the time it takes to make a sandwich.

2. Rice Cakes with tsp pizza sauce or mustard.  Add a little mozzarella cheese.  Microwave for 10 seconds.  Satisfies  salt and crunch.

3. Corn tortillas.  Add Tb cheese.  microwave for 5 -10 seconds.  Add salsa if you wish.  Satisfies the desire for chips and salsa.  Delicious

4.  Tb of Almond butter on a rice cake, or alone.  For me it satisfies the afternoon sweet tooth

5.  Whole Wheat tortillas.  Choose sandwich selections and roll.

6.  Ezekiel sprouted whole grain tortillas.  See previous post for pizza recipe.

7.  Before preparing dinner put a  bowl of yogurt in the freezer.  After dinner when the sweet tooth is calling, treat yourself to chilled yogurt.  Add fresh berries.  Yum!

Enjoy choosing quick quiet snacks!

The quiet girl

Staying focused


The good news about the quiet diet is that it is not a diet.  It is about making good choices.  Now four months into the quiet diet the following is true:

1.  I am still quiet

2.  staying on work out schedule

3.  95% of my choices are thoughtful good responsible choices

That’s it.  Into the 4th month having lost 5 lbs and 2 sizes.  I have committed to a life time of choosing well.  How do I stay focused?  In the past I have derailed myself or something(stress, circumstances, etc) have derailed me.  I was not able to sustain the commitment.  Thus over 10 years carrying extra weight.

Every time we are hungry (which is often) we make a choice about how to satisfy that hunger. There are times(5% currently) when I consciously make the choice to consume foods that are not quiet.  The key is 5%.  Enjoy choosing differently 5% of the time.  That is how I stay focused.  Saturday lunch consisted of a pint and fish and chips. Well, I guess it was a little quiet.  I chose not to have the fries!!!:)

Coming soon….. Quick Quiet Snacks!!!

Happy Choosing!!

The quiet girl

Keep in mind that a core concept  of the quiet diet is to choose well.  Making thoughtful choices is the main ingredient to eating well. When presented with a choice choose well and choose often.

*choose half  not whole

*choose wrap not bread

*choose chicken/fish more often than red meat

*choose protein over carbohydrate

*choose water instead of soda or sparkling water

*choose small healthy  fresh snacks (orange slices and small handful of almonds over 100 calorie pack)

*choose to share a desert.

*choose to advocate for yourself….always

Have a great day filled with powerful choices!!

The Quiet Girl

I recently shared this recipe with my  neighbor, Christen.  A week later she  asked if I could give her another recipe.  She was eating  this pizza almost exclusively for  a week!!!!!!!


1 Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla

2 Tbsp pizza sauce

1 Tbsp part skim milk mozzarella cheese(sometimes I substitute with goat cheese, parmesan, Gorgonzola or extra sharp cheddar)

*Chopped fresh vegetables ( your choice)

diced low sodium ham(optional)

*my favorites* diced green bell pepper, grn or red onion, sliced mushrooms


spread pizza sauce on tortilla, sprinkle cheese, add toppings.  Bake in a 350 degree oven for 4-7 minutes or until the tortilla starts to brown slightly.


Have  a happy quiet day!

Vegetables have anti-oxidants, minerals, and phyto-chemicals. It is the color of the vegetable which helps our body’s immune system to fight with various toxic systems .