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Last week my husband and girls decided we were going to have dinner at 5 Guys burger and fries.  Excellent burger and fries but a tough place to choose well.  What is a quiet girl to do?  She goes with the flow and stays quiet.  Mark ordered burgers fries and sodas and while we waited […]

My husband and I have 2 daughters ages 10 and 13.  The current theme in our house is being an advocate for yourself.  In coaching the girls with  school work, being more assertive in the classroom, in relationships etc. The idea that no one is going to take care of you like you can take […]

and now you! I have never succeeded on a diet.  Well. I have temporarily.  Same story. nothing new.  weight. feel great. gain it back and then some.until one day my reality. 52 years old  5′ 2″ 151 lbs.  I have a tough time with limits.  First night on Jenny Craig…I had 3 meals.  Joined weight […]