No one knows but me


and now you! I have never succeeded on a diet.  Well. I have temporarily.  Same story. nothing new.  weight. feel great. gain it back and then some.until one day my reality. 52 years old  5′ 2″ 151 lbs.  I have a tough time with limits.  First night on Jenny Craig…I had 3 meals.  Joined weight watchers on-line…. lasted 20 minutes.  Too many limits, too public, too much focus on it.

Love to cook, love to eat, love to shop for food, love cookbooks, love the food network….What I really want to do is cook, eat and lose weight.  How does that work?

In November of 2009 I made the decision to loose weight.  Under the guidelines that I will cook, I will eat, and I will lose weight. Inspired by Ellie Kreiger and her new book “So Easy” Choose differently choose well.

So on November 8th 2009 I had a plan

1.  Tell no one  that I am attempting to loose weight. Not husband, sister, good friends. Do not want to be accountable to anyone but myself. This is a private mission

2. Weigh in at the beginning just to know your  current weight

3. Do not count calories, points etc

4.  Do not talk about it , explain it, describe it.  Keep it to yourself.


Choose well and thoughtfully

Cardio 3-5 x per week

Weights 2-3 x per week

Today is Jan 25th. Approaching 3 months. I am still 52 years old, I am still 5′ 2″

Currently fitting into size 8 and 10.  In November a solid 12.

At my annual last week I weighed in at 147.  Not a huge amount of weight but the benefits are great.

I have lost 1-2 sizes, I feel and look so so much better,  I have only made the one change and that was  to choose well( I was working out the posted schedule prior to making this adjustment.)

The best part is that it is Quiet.  I only answer to myself.  I still cook, eat, shop, eat out and try new recipes.  The only change are my choices.  Will talk more about that tomorrow.

more later!


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  1. Hi moomy ❤

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