Staying focused


The good news about the quiet diet is that it is not a diet.  It is about making good choices.  Now four months into the quiet diet the following is true:

1.  I am still quiet

2.  staying on work out schedule

3.  95% of my choices are thoughtful good responsible choices

That’s it.  Into the 4th month having lost 5 lbs and 2 sizes.  I have committed to a life time of choosing well.  How do I stay focused?  In the past I have derailed myself or something(stress, circumstances, etc) have derailed me.  I was not able to sustain the commitment.  Thus over 10 years carrying extra weight.

Every time we are hungry (which is often) we make a choice about how to satisfy that hunger. There are times(5% currently) when I consciously make the choice to consume foods that are not quiet.  The key is 5%.  Enjoy choosing differently 5% of the time.  That is how I stay focused.  Saturday lunch consisted of a pint and fish and chips. Well, I guess it was a little quiet.  I chose not to have the fries!!!:)

Coming soon….. Quick Quiet Snacks!!!

Happy Choosing!!

The quiet girl


One Response to “Staying focused”

  1. 1 Shelly Blanshei

    Add pictures of the food that you are making with recipes! 🙂

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