Shop differently


Do I really have time to shop daily or every other day?  Yes and no!  Of course we do not have time to shop daily but do we have time to shop daily /every other day  for fresh meats/fish/vegetables/fruit/herbs. Possibly.

When we shop less often we tend to by more than we need,  food goes stale or spoils,we need to think about food that needs to be defrosted for preparation(which means thinking ahead), tend to make more than the portions needed for one meal which leads to over eating.

When we shop more often we eliminate waste,  buy fresh , more conscience of what we are consuming, opportunity for variety, buy what we need.

Try it!  Keep in mind that the daily trips to the store are not for the staples.  The goal is to get in and out with fresh foods that you need for that day or the next few days.  Imagine you are living in Europe in a small village.  They shop differently than Americans.

Clean eating,  foods without labels, fresh,local

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