Today was a good day

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Today I went through my closet and removed pants that no longer fit.  All  size 12.  I am now wearing size 8 in most lines.  Today was a good day.
What to do with the size 12 pants.  I made the power move to send to charity instead of holding on to them.  I decided that the old size no longer works and will not be a part of my future.
I am still observing the benefits of the quiet diet beyond weight loss.  I feel an internal shift, almost a power that is harnessed by this personal -private -quiet journey. The shift feels permanent.  The internal conversation is changing.  My habits are changing.  I am not considering or thinking about foods that are not healthy.  I am content with my choices. This is all very good news.  Maybe it is the slow permanent pace of the process that is different.  In the past loosing 7 pounds in 4 months would have been considered a failure.  Now it is to be celebrated.  I guess the reason is that I am still going down the road. I am still pointed in the right direction.  I am in control of my choices and my direction.
From my journal entry this week:
The internal power that comes from making supportive choices is profound.  The process of choosing well gets easier each time you do it. The internal shift and strength builds. Choosing well becomes less difficult.  The added benefit begins to build confidence and self-esteem.  Not just in the food area. In all areas of my life.
Today was a good day.
Happy Weekend!
The quiet girl

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