Last week my husband and girls decided we were going to have dinner at 5 Guys burger and fries.  Excellent burger and fries but a tough place to choose well.  What is a quiet girl to do?  She goes with the flow and stays quiet.  Mark ordered burgers fries and sodas and while we waited for our order all the peanuts we could eat!  I happily sipped my soda and when my burger arrived I just omitted the bun. Simple. No peanuts, no fries, no bun!

Quiet Rule:

Do not protest or explain when a choice is made that is not the best choice for you.  Work with what is in front of you. Don’t be high maintenance

Do not be self-centered.  Don’t burden others with your private process.  It only concerns you.  After all…it is one meal!

Very truly yours,

The quiet girl


My husband and I have 2 daughters ages 10 and 13.  The current theme in our house is being an advocate for yourself.  In coaching the girls with  school work, being more assertive in the classroom, in relationships etc. The idea that no one is going to take care of you like you can take care of yourself.  Important for self-confidence and self-esteem.

Thinking about being an advocate for yourself and the quiet diet I drew some parallels. No one diet, person, or book is going to give you the internal discipline and shift that is necessary for permanent weight loss.    I have found in the short time I have focused on this process is that the internal shift is critical to success. I have observed that being quiet has helped me feel stronger and more confident.  I feel positive and happier.  Harness your power by this quiet internal process.  I am building  self-esteem  and confidence.  Conversations with myself are shifting.  As we know, internal dialogue is powerful and easily steer you off course.

Be quiet and choose well

Be responsible and accountable to yourself

Become clear, aware, conscious and mindful

This is a self-made make over from the inside out

and now you! I have never succeeded on a diet.  Well. I have temporarily.  Same story. nothing new.  weight. feel great. gain it back and then some.until one day my reality. 52 years old  5′ 2″ 151 lbs.  I have a tough time with limits.  First night on Jenny Craig…I had 3 meals.  Joined weight watchers on-line…. lasted 20 minutes.  Too many limits, too public, too much focus on it.

Love to cook, love to eat, love to shop for food, love cookbooks, love the food network….What I really want to do is cook, eat and lose weight.  How does that work?

In November of 2009 I made the decision to loose weight.  Under the guidelines that I will cook, I will eat, and I will lose weight. Inspired by Ellie Kreiger and her new book “So Easy” Choose differently choose well.

So on November 8th 2009 I had a plan

1.  Tell no one  that I am attempting to loose weight. Not husband, sister, good friends. Do not want to be accountable to anyone but myself. This is a private mission

2. Weigh in at the beginning just to know your  current weight

3. Do not count calories, points etc

4.  Do not talk about it , explain it, describe it.  Keep it to yourself.


Choose well and thoughtfully

Cardio 3-5 x per week

Weights 2-3 x per week

Today is Jan 25th. Approaching 3 months. I am still 52 years old, I am still 5′ 2″

Currently fitting into size 8 and 10.  In November a solid 12.

At my annual last week I weighed in at 147.  Not a huge amount of weight but the benefits are great.

I have lost 1-2 sizes, I feel and look so so much better,  I have only made the one change and that was  to choose well( I was working out the posted schedule prior to making this adjustment.)

The best part is that it is Quiet.  I only answer to myself.  I still cook, eat, shop, eat out and try new recipes.  The only change are my choices.  Will talk more about that tomorrow.

more later!